The Exile Ink Series


The Exile Ink Series is about the lives and loves of the tattoo artists working at the Exile Ink Studio. Expect devoted, artistic heroes and independent heroines pursuing their dreams in life–and in love!

Each trio of novellas explores one couple’s love story. While there’s an on-going story-line in each trio, every novella within each trio ends with the couple in a HFN or HEA. 

Exile Ink: James and Cam

Read all about how Exile Ink started with James and Cam’s trio!


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Something New (Exile Ink #1)

James McGowan is a legend. The tattoo artist has a face to die for, a body to kill for, and a way with ink that’s unmatched.

He’s back in his hometown for the first time in years and finally ready to open the tattoo shop of his dreams. When he sees a friend with a new piece—a watercolor tattoo done with such skill even he’s impressed—James has to meet the artist.

Cam Ellison hasn’t had an easy life. Orphaned just after her eighteenth birthday, she’s done everything she can to keep her and her little sister going. Even if it means working under a tyrannical boss who doesn’t appreciate her tattooing style. After all, a paycheck is a paycheck.

When James sets up an appointment as “Jay”, Cam has no idea she’s about to meet a man whose tattooing she’s admired for years. She never imagined he’d want a tattoo designed by her, or that when they’re face to face, sparks don’t just fly, they sizzle. And after a steamy session in one of the private tattoo rooms, it’s impossible to deny the pull between them.

James is a man who knows what he wants and he’s all in, but Cam’s got a lot to lose.

Is she willing to risk everything—her heart and her career—on the man behind the ink?



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Something Right (Exile Ink #2)

James McGowan’s life is going exactly how he wants. He’s on the verge of opening his tattoo studio, and his relationship with Cam, the sexy watercolor tattoo artist he’s fallen for, is sweeter—and hotter—than ever.

But as their work on Exile Ink continues, James feels Cam pulling away. Worried he may lose her, he pushes too hard, and the fight that follows has him scared it’ll be the end of them.

But it’s not James who’s put Cam on edge.

She thought she could outrun her past, but now it’s caught up with her. Cam’s done everything she could to keep her and her sister safe, but time’s running out, and she has a choice to make: Tell James the truth, or lose what they have.

Cam’s trusted James with her body, her career and her heart.

Can she trust him with her secrets?

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Something Real (Exile Ink #3)

James McGowan has it all: a business on the verge of opening to great success, talent and sinful good looks, and a sweet and sexy woman who worships him almost as much as he worships her.

James and Cam are stronger than ever as the launch of Exile Ink, the tattoo studio they’ve built together, draws near. But their happiness is marred by another, much more dire event: the probation hearing for her mother’s killer. It’s hard to think about ink, art and forever when the man who caused Cam so much pain might soon be free.

With their future threatened, and Cam on the verge of breaking, James is determined to protect the woman he loves at all costs—even if it means taking justice into his own hands.


Exile Ink Bundle

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Exile Ink: James & Cam (The Complete Trio)

The Exile Ink Bundle has all three novellas in James & Cam’s trio, plus exclusive bonus content!

Exile Ink: Aiden and Lydia

It’s a classic opposites-attract love story in Aiden and Lydia’s trio!







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Just One Night (An Exile Ink Short)

Driving through a snowstorm to track down her best friend’s arrogant older brother is not Lydia Munroe’s idea of a good time. But after a terrible tragedy, she’s willing to do anything to help the McGowan family. Even if it means enduring a whole night with the insufferable but delectable Aiden McGowan.

Aiden’s at the end of his rope: the responsibility of running the family company is now on his shoulders and pressure is mounting. When he escapes to the family cabin for some peace and quiet, he gets neither when Lydia shows up at his door. The fesity brunette has been getting on his nerves since they were teenagers and she’s showing no intention of stopping now.

Lydia and Aiden have always clashed, but when mother nature traps them together, the tension between them sparks into a full-out flame. When one kiss leads to more, the two quickly discover that just one night might not be enough.


Coming this Summer from Skylar Hill:

Exile Ink: Aiden and Lydia

Just One Word      Just One Touch      Just One Kiss

When a fire drives Lydia out of her home and into an apartment across from Aiden McGowan, the two are finally forced to talk about the steamy time they spent together in Just One Night. But can these two stubborn souls finally let down their guard and see what’s right in front of them?