Steamy Standalones

Sometimes you’re just in the mood for standalone story, am I right? Where you know by the end of the book, the hero will get the girl, the bad guy will get his comeuppance, and steamy times will be oh so satisfying!

That’s where my steamy standalones come in! Each one has a melt-your-heart hero, a sweet and saucy heroine and a guaranteed HEA!


For Keeps

Lily Adler has a big problem: just weeks after moving in with her boyfriend, she finds him in bed with another woman! She’s washed her hands of the cheating jerk, but now she’s hard up for a place to live.

Enter Wes Cartwright, the guy who’s subletting the loft Lily’s slimeball ex convinced her to lease out. Ever since Wes adopted his infant niece, Dawn, his life’s been complicated. The sexy architect is trying to be the best Daddy he can be, but he’s out of his element with diapers and bouncy swings.

When he finds out Lily spent three years working as an au pair, he sees an opportunity and offers her a deal: They can share the apartment in exchange for help with Dawn and a crash course in Daddy 101 for Wes. Lily’s between jobs, and the last thing she wants to do is apartment hunt, so she agrees.

As Lily weaves herself into Wes and Dawn’s lives, he finds himself irresistibly drawn to the perky blonde and her optimistic spirit. Her killer curves don’t hurt, either. Falling for the nanny is such a cliché, but after Wes accidentally walks in on Lily in the shower, all bets are off.

Cliché or not, she will be his.

And he’s playing for keeps.


Coming in June from Skylar Hill:

All Worked Up

Nothing is going Maddy’s way: she just lost her job, her landlord is a lecherous nightmare and three months ago, her boyfriend dumped her and the reason why haunts her:
Your libido is way too high for a girl.

Those words have been circling in her head ever since. Was he right? Was there something wrong with her?

When a job working on a new subscription box—full of toys for his and her pleasure— falls into Maddy’s lap, she thinks the universe is laughing at her. And when she gets a look at the sinfully handsome CEO of Purely Pleasure, she knows it.

Carter Daniels understands passion. The inventor and reluctant CEO has made his name—and his fortune—on creating some of the hottest toys on the market. When the delectable Maddy’s hired as the company’s new social media manager, Carter tells himself to stay away, no matter how much the spirited brunette tempts him.

But at the company retreat, Carter overhears a tipsy Maddy confessing her ex broke things off because of her high libido. Now Carter can think of nothing else.

Maddie’s sultry curves and quiet strength have got Carter all worked up…now it’s his turn to show her what it’s like with a man who can’t just keep up, but stay up.