A Sneak Peek from Something New

A steamy glimpse at SOMETHING NEW (Exile Ink Book 1)

He arranged the tea on one of the bamboo trays the loft kitchen was stocked with, heading back to the living room.

When he caught sight of her there, standing by the fire, silhouetted by the flames, he felt like the breath had been knocked from him. He could see the gentle curve of her breasts, the light from the fire making her chiffon blouse nearly transparent. He wanted to bury his face between those perfect globes, kiss his way up her collarbone, find every single delicate spot that made her sigh and squirm.

He set the tray down on the coffee table, moving across the room to stand behind her in front of the fire. Her head turned when his hands closed over her shoulders, her profile curving in the firelight.

“Your clothes are still all wet,” he said as his fingers trailed down her arms. She shivered—partly from his touch, partly from the cold—as goose bumps sprinkled across her skin.
His hands hovered at the damp hem of her blouse, waiting for a sign from her, getting it when her fingers brushed against his. He pulled the chiffon over her head and tossed it across the leather armchair. Her skin, smooth and creamy, was bared to him for the first time, and all he wanted to do was put his hands on her.

He ran the backs of two of his fingers down the gentle curve of her spine, the touch stopping at the waist of her skirt, where the zipper started. He stepped forward, closing what little space was between them, her shoulders brushing against his chest as he bent down to whisper in her ear.

“And this?” he asked, playing with the tab of the zipper.

She let out a little breath, an almost gasp that she was clearly trying to hold in. That wouldn’t do. He didn’t want her to hold back.

He wanted to hear every gasp, every moan, feel every tremble and pulse of pleasure.

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