Skylar’s Summer Sangria

A delicious and refreshing Sangria with berries and a touch of rosemary!


First up: Make the simple syrup!


2 Cups Strawberries (diced, you can also replace strawberries with any other berry if you wish)
2 sprigs bruised Rosemary (bruise the rosemary–to awaken the oils in the leaves–by using a mortar and pestle or pressing the bottom of a glass against the spring and twisting)
2 TB fine sugar
2 TB Water
1/8 tsp vanilla bean paste (you could also use a small piece of vanilla bean!)

Combine the ingredients in a pan and set over a medium-high heat. Stir occasionally and cook until the strawberries have broken down (about 5-10 minutes).

Next: Let’s get out some wine!


1 Cup Strawberries, sliced
2 Oranges, 1 for squeezing, 1 sliced in rounds
2 Limes, 1 for squeezing, 1 sliced in rounds
1 Bottle of White Wine (a dry one!)
1/4 Cup Triple Sec
4-6 sprigs of rosemary

Using a microplane zester, zest the squeezing orange and lime and add the zest to the pitcher you’re making sangria in! Squeeze the orange and lime’s juice into the pitcher, and add the rest of the ingredients, including the strawberry-and-vanilla-bean laced simple syrup!

You can add the squeezed half of the oranges and limes into the pitcher, but it’s MUCH prettier if you just have the fruit slices 😀 I’m all about the cute presentation! People are always impressed with sangria even though it’s so easy to make because it’s pretty.

You want to chill the sangria and let the flavors mix together for a few hours. Give it at least two! And you can prep this overnight, as well.


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