Just One Word Sneak Peek

JUST ONE WORD, JUST ONE TOUCH and JUST ONE KISS, Aiden and Lydia’s trio, will be coming this summer from Skylar Hill!

Enjoy this special sneak peek from JUST ONE WORD:

“This is a bad idea,” she said, but she made no move to close the door.

Across the hall, he leaned against his own doorway, his lips twisting into a smile.

God, that smile. It would be the end of her. When he smiled, it was distracting and delicious and it made her feel that warm glow of triumph in her, like she’d won.

And she loved winning.

“This is a terrible idea,” he agreed, his eyes never leaving hers, the electricity between them practically filling the hall.

She could feel her chest getting tight with anticipation, her heart thumping hard against her ribs. All she could think about was how hot his skin had been against hers, that night they’d spent together. She could still feel his hands like it was yesterday.

“I should…” she trailed off, gesturing into her apartment. She needed to go. She needed to not make this mistake again. No matter how tempting he was, standing there, silhouetted in his doorway, practically golden in the light.

“You should,” he agreed.

Neither of them moved. She was almost trembling as the tension stretched between them, his eyes burning into hers, as they each waited for the other to break.

“Fuck this,” he growled.

He was across the hall in two strides, his hands cradling the back of her head, sinking into her hair. He kissed her, with that single-minded focus that sent chills down her spine, followed quickly by a familiar fire that filled her.

Oh. She’d missed this.

She’d missed him.

She was in such trouble.