Six Impossible Things Sneak Peek

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A special look at Part Two!

“I’m gonna step out and take this,” he said to Hunter before hurrying out of the building.

“This is Lucas Stone,” he said.

“And this is Nora Phillips,” was her cheeky answer, the smile in her voice lighting him up on the inside.

Nora was like sunshine after days of rain. At the sound of her voice, something in his blood grew not just hot but warm, the comforting kind of warm.

“I’m glad you called,” he said. “I was thinking about you.”

“Oh yeah?’ her voice dipped on the last word, and his fingers clenched around his phone, unable to stop the reaction as all the blood rushed downward at her flirty tone.

He’d been having dreams about her each night since their date. Naughty dreams. Dirty dreams.

Incandescently hot dreams where he tumbled her down onto his bed, and her giggles and beautiful, bouncing curves filled his head until he woke up hard as a rock and had to jerk off in his shower like he was sixteen again.

Play it cool, Stone, he ordered himself. You can’t come on too strong. Not when she’s been hurt by that asshole.

“Yeah, I was thinking we should get started on our Impossible Things quest,” he explained. “Are you busy tomorrow?”

“I’m free,” she said. “Are you going to give me a hint at what this quest will be?”

He grinned, loving that she was going to play along with this whole deal. Maybe it was a little crazy, but it filled him with an excitement he hadn’t felt in a long time. All he could do was picture the look on her face, that bright-as-the-sun smile breaking across it when she realized what he had planned.

He wanted to do everything—anything—he could to make that smile cross her face.

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