All Loved Up

Can’t wait to see what the Purely Pleasure has in store for you? You’re in luck! Here’s a glimpse at what’s coming in All Loved Up!

Natalie Banks has come a long way from her country girl roots. This cattle rancher’s daughter is on top: as the CEO of Purely Pleasure, she’s doubled the company’s profits and launched a subscription box of toys that’s the hottest thing on the market.

Rhett Oakes left the hustle and bustle of city life behind years ago and never looked back. As the owner of one of the most popular wilderness retreats in the Pacific Northwest, he’s tells himself he’s got everything a man could ever want: the woods, the mountains, and the wild animals he works to rehabilitate.

When Timothy Durbin, his new neighbor, challenges Rhett’s right to a water easement, Rhett’s entire livelihood—and the land he loves—is at stake. To appease a still-on-the-books law from the 1880’s, Rhett can’t legally hold the water rights if he’s a single man.

He needs to find someone to marry or his business has to close while his lawyers fight it out in court.

Enter Nat. Nat, who runs his best friend’s company. Nat, who is beautiful, bombastic, and tempting as hell.

No matter how much he wants her, Rhett’s always resisted taking their friendship to another level. A city girl like her could never live the life he wants—but when Nat finds out his predicament, she makes him an offer he can’t resist.

Marry me.

Nat tells herself it’s just one friend helping out another. It’s not a big deal. But as Durbin ramps up his campaign, she’s forced to move in with Rhett to quell suspicions and questions as the court case begins.

Now Rhett’s livelihood hinges on the two of them acting all loved up. But it takes just a few steamy kisses and one moonlit skinny-dipping session to make Nat wonder if either of them are acting. But a marriage that started out fake can’t turn real…right?

ALL LOVED UP is a steamy marriage-of-convenience Romance with a sassy, take-charge heroine and a mountain man hero with a heart of gold and a beard to match. It’s a standalone novel with a HEA, men tending to adorable woodland creatures, literal rolls in the hay, and more than one joke about lumberjacks.

Remember: in a Skylar Hill book, you’ll never find a hero or heroine cheating and good guys always get their girl!